Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Virus Part 3

Search asstr for part 1 & 2, I dun have it anymore.


The Virus – Part Three


James just lay there for a while, trying not to squash the little 6 year old underneath him. He slid her legs down so they could rest at his side, and felt himself finally ‘pop’ out of Adele as he softened. He felt an amazing sense of fulfilment, as though he had achieved something that he’d desired for a good part of his life. He smiled down at the little girl, who managed a semi-forced smile back at him. James could tell that he’d probably gone a little bit too rough on her, but the thrill of her semi-orgasm had more than compensated for a bit of pain to start off with.


James slowly pulled himself up, off Adele. He propped her tiny little ass up on a pillow to make sure all the sperm he’d ejaculated inside her wouldn’t spill out of her. He wasn’t really sure if this helped impregnate her, but it felt like the right thing to do, as though any little thing might make a difference and might assist Adele in her task.


He swivelled his head to look at Claire, who was sitting in the corner still looking entranced by what she had seen. James half expected her to be terrified by the prospect of what lay in store for her, but instead she had a huge, exciting smile on her face, and actually had her right hand down the front of her pull-up diaper, presumably toying with her baby clit. James felt his cock spring back to life, at least to some extent, by this thought, by the knowledge that he was not only allowed to, but expected to, fuck this tiny little toddler.


However, before he could advance upon Claire any further his attention was distracted by the large screen in their room, the one that clearly showed what was happening in the room next door to them, the room where Rosie and Elizabeth were now fully naked with a man of their own. James found himself immediately experiencing a strange set of emotions: there was a slight twinge of jealousy as he couldn’t help but want to be in there doing this himself, there was also a protective feeling regarding his two little girls, but over and above both of them he felt himself getting excited by what he was about to witness.


On the screen both Rosie and Elizabeth were completely naked, and the man they were with had also removed all his clothes. The girls seemed in a highly giggly mood, which James suspected meant that they had also taken the special pills provided to them when they entered the room. The girls were examining their partner’s body, paying special attention to between his legs. James couldn’t quite see details, but by the looks on his two daughters’ faces – a mix of excitement, amazement and perhaps a sprinkling of fear – James could assume that he had also taken a pill that would increase his size to far greater than normal.


The man didn’t waste too much time ‘getting down to business’, and lay himself down on the bed, lifting 5 year old Rosie on top of him. The camera’s view was from immediately above the bed on the wall, looking down on the couple as they lay there for a few seconds contemplating what was about to happen. James could now clearly see the man’s cock, which indeed looked to be almost a foot long. With Rosie straddling his legs, and his cock not yet inside her, James could clearly make out how far the man would be going inside his daughter once he was inside her – well past her belly button. Yet again, James felt as though he should be concerned about this, but either his overwhelming desires or the pill he had taken managed to override his concern, and his heart raced as he thought about how deep the man was going to get inside his little girl.


The man reached over to the side of the bed and squirted a generous amount of lubricant onto his hand and then onto Rosie’s little hand. He placed his hand between her legs, and started to gently lubricate her up. A few rubs to her tiny baby clit made Rosie jump slightly, and she returned the favour by spreading the lubricant all over the man’s giant cock head.


Once they were adequately lubricated, James watched as the man lifted Rosie up, high enough for his big cock to rest on her opening, between her widely spread legs. Rosie, clearly knowing the location of the camera, gave a big toothy grin to it before starting to slide down, ever so gently. The first few inches seemed to give way quite easily, as Rosie maintained the wide smile on her face, although after a while it became obvious that the man was close to reaching a limit as to how far he was able to go inside her. James could clearly tell that he still had a few inches left. Any concern James may have felt for Rosie’s well-being was immediately over-ruled by his desire to see this man balls-deep inside his little 5 year old daughter, and he silently egged him on. The man appeared to somehow understand James’ feelings, as he struggled to squeeze the last couple of inches inside the little 5 year old.


Back in his room, James watched the monitor entranced by the scene unfolding before him. Rosie’s face had now changed from one of excitement, to one showing real concern about what was happening inside her. She could feel the man’s giant cock hammering against her cervix, trying like crazy to push into her womb. It felt like someone taking to a door with a sledgehammer, as with each thrust he opened her up a tiny bit more. With one last final thrust Rosie dropped down hard to land on the man’s lap, finally realising that he was completely inside her. She felt a stinging pain inside her, where he had broken through her cervix, but apart from that she felt alright.


The man Rosie was on top of couldn’t cope with the intense new sensation of busting through the little girl’s cervix and fully entering her womb, and he came immediately, screaming out a guttural cry as he squirted an enormous amount of cum inside the little girl on top of him. Rosie shuddered a bit too, overwhelmed by the sensation of having a guy’s cock right in her womb, and she threw her head back to enjoy the feeling, squeezing herself down further a couple more millimetres onto him.


Watching next door, James had felt like an explosion had gone off in his head as he viewed his 5 year old daughter being fucked by the man next door. He knew that he would have cum simply from watching the scene had he not done so only a few minutes before, yet he did find himself rock hard again. His thoughts drifted to little two year old Claire, sitting in the same spot she had been for the last half-hour, curiously watching everything that was happening and still with her hand down the front of her diaper, openly fiddling with her baby clit.


Yet before James could make a move on little Claire, he watched as his own baby girl, 3 year old Elizabeth climbed up onto the man who’d just fucked her older sister. James was surprised by his youngest daughter’s actions, surely she’d realise that this man had just cum and wouldn’t be able to do anything for a while as he recovered, but then James noticed that amazingly the guy was still hard, it seemed as though ejaculating had done nothing to temper his erection, and Elizabeth did not have the patience to wait when it clearly seemed as though she didn’t have to.


Even though James felt he should be used to the size difference between such a young girl and fully grown man, having watched 5 year old Rosie ride the man just before, and having experienced the sensations of fucking Adele, he was still amazed at how tiny 3 year old Elizabeth looked compared to the man. Then he remembered that Elizabeth was indeed small for her age, and that she was over two years younger than Rosie. It was no wonder the girl looked tiny, as she was tiny!


Yet although Elizabeth looked tiny, it was obvious that whatever pills she had consumed had taken an even more intense effect on her than they had on Rosie. Elizabeth was positives crawling over the man, teasing him and touching him, clearly impatient for him to take her properly. The man looked sufficiently recovered from Rosie, and indeed most excited about the prospects of fucking a girl quite so small. Looking on from the next room, James expected Elizabeth to climb on top of the man just like Rosie had. But clearly Elizabeth had other thoughts, and she pulled on the man’s arm playfully so that he got up from his spot in the middle of the bed. Once he had moved, Elizabeth quickly filled his place, cheekily smiling that she’d got the middle of the bed. She glanced quickly up towards where she knew the camera was, and then spread her legs nice and widely. Once her legs had spread, she pulled them back towards her, folding herself over similarly to how Adele had positioned herself when James had fucked her. James wondered whether his own girls had been watching, and then figured they must have been for his tiny daughter to know such a position.


James felt slightly worried for his little daughter, as he knew how deep penetration could be in that position. But his memory of the giant sex-toy he had extracted from her earlier calmed his nerves, and meant that soon James was only waiting in pure anticipation of what was about to happen.


The man in the room next door to James gently pushed back Elizabeth’s legs until they rested on his chest as he positioned himself above her. There was little foreplay happening here as Elizabeth seemed far too horny to stand for it. As the man leaned further over James’ three year old daughter, he almost lost sight of her underneath the much larger body. But he was still able to make out her little hands wrap around the man’s seemingly giant penis, and slowly direct it towards her tiny little pussy. She nudged it against herself a couple of times, eventually managing to slip it inside her ever so slightly.


James watched as the man slowly pressed his way further and further inside little Elizabeth. He felt a sense of jealousy rise within him, something he hadn’t felt as much with Rosie but was now threatening to overcome his feelings of desire for watching the screen. He breathed heavily, with a thought passing through his mind that once little Elizabeth had been impregnated nobody would necessarily know if he did anything with her. James felt worried by this thought though, worried that he was truly considering fucking his little three year old daughter. For some reason, although he had just dumped a load of sperm inside a six year old, the thought of doing something with one of his own girls, especially Elizabeth, seemed so exceptionally taboo that James forced the thought from his head. He turned back to the monitor to watch the action, subconsciously assuming the role of the man he was watching.


On the screen Elizabeth was grunting as the man pushed his giant cock further and further inside her. Surely he had bottomed out by now, James thought, as he watched a bulge in her belly pass above her belly button. The strained look on his three year old daughter’s face clearly showed that she was definitely reaching the limit of her ability to take him any further. Fortunately, it seemed as though the man had bottomed out inside the little girl, as he started thrusting in her, slowly at first, but getting quicker and quicker, as he forced himself all the way inside the little toddler. James could clearly hear his grunts, and also her moans, through the television system. Little Elizabeth was making squeaks every time the man jammed his way fully inside her, and after a while her squeaks seemed to get faster and faster, as James could tell the man was nearing his orgasm. As he let out a huge moan, James could clearly see Elizabeth’s belly pulsing, as her baby womb was filled to the brim with sperm. A small amount leaked out of her, but the man quickly plugged her up, and then rested her small bottom on a pillow to let all the sperm soak in. Elizabeth looked up at the camera and gave it a toothy grin, to show her Daddy that she was OK.


While watching the action James had become entranced. He had pictured himself as the man, pictured himself as fucking his tiny little three year old daughter. He knew that this was what he wanted to do, even though it was clearly wrong, and he could not deny this any longer. However, he felt so amazingly turned on – more turned on than he had felt at any stage in his life up until now, he was sure of it. There was something about watching little Elizabeth getting fucked by the man that had turned James on immeasurably more than watching her older sister. James tried to figure out what this could be, but could only come to the conclusion that it was because she was younger than Rosie, that James had enjoyed watching the tiny little girl struggling to handle such a big cock inside her.


James’ trail of thoughts were broken by little two year old Claire, sitting in the corner. She let out a giggle as her bigger sister Adele was tickling her, and teasing her that it was her turn next.

“I don’t think you can do what that girl on the TV did,” said Adele, taunting her little sister.

“Sure I can,” Claire replied indignantly, “I’m gonna show you!”

Claire stood up, and wandered over towards James, catching his eye with a sexy little wobble of her hips, and giving him the naughtiest of smiles.

“Are you gonna do that to me mister?” she asked him, all innocently, twirling her little finger in her mouth.

James was startled back to reality by her words, and his cock lurched at the opportunity of getting inside this little toddler’s pants. “I don’t know dear, are you sure that you’ll be able to do it?” he asked, starting to worry about the sheer mismatch in their body sizes. It had been one thing to fuck a six year old in his present state, but with his dramatically enlarged cock he actually felt genuinely worried he might end up harming the cute little girl.

“I want you to mister!” Claire replied, enthusiastically. “I want babies in my belly!”


James realised he couldn’t resist the little minx. He picked up her under her arms, and lifted her onto the bed. His mind was now in a mess of horniness, and he couldn’t even think straight about what he was about to do. Any worries for her safety and wellbeing that James had had a minute or so ago were now buried beneath his insatiable desire for this little girl, for her tiny little body to be deeply impaled upon him.


He hurriedly pulled off her cute frilly night-dress, which had barely covered much of her body anyway. He then thought carefully about what to do about her pull-up diaper. It would be a mission to do anything to her with it still on, but at the same time his mind was turned on enormously by the thought of actually leaving this on her while fucking her little brains out. He compromised by ripping apart the two sides of the diaper and laying in on the bed for her to sit on – it would be useful for collecting any juices that would eventually run out of her during the impregnation process too.


James laid little Claire on her back, and looked down on her. She was utterly tiny compared with him, and he had to push her body down quite a bit to line up his giant cock with her. He wasn’t going to waste any time getting her to suck him off, the hormones in his body had prevented anything of the sorts happening there as his lust for the little two year old toddler intensified. Fortunately for his chances of getting inside the little girl, Claire had spent the last half hour lubricating herself up, and James reached over towards the lubricant and squirted a huge amount onto his giant cock, just to make sure there would at least be a tiny chance of him actually managing to fit inside her.


He felt a quick rush of guilt as he lay above her, looking down at this tiny little toddler beneath him. How had he got in such a situation? He knew that deep down this fulfilled a desire that he’d had for longer than he wanted to admit, but the reality of what was about to happen did ensure that James took a quick double take, but before he could reconsider what he was about to do, a little hand wrapped itself around his cock and started to manoeuvre it into place.

James pushed forwards gently, as Claire’s tiny hands had put him at the entrance to her baby pussy. However, as he had expected, the head of his cock merely bumped against her opening, as though there was no opening at all, and then pushed up past her entire slit. James glanced down at the little 2 year old beneath him.

“You’re sure you want to do this?”

“Yes!” came his reply, “I wanna be a Mummy! You put babies inside Claire’s tummy. Good Good!”

Looking down at her, James could compare exactly how big his cock was compared with her little body. It was no comparison, even with Adele who he’d fucked not long before! His cock stretched way past her belly button, and in fact when he pressed its base up against Claire’s tiny opening, the tip of his cock seemed to end up well under her ribs.

While this normally would have scared him, in his current state of mind this just served to turn James on even more. The little slut was begging for it, his mind screamed at him, begging for him to fuck her so hard and so deep she’d struggle to walk after he was done with her. She wanted to breed, she wanted him inside her.









Thursday, 28 June 2007

In The Changing Room

SG: ok my apologies, lets try this again

SG: are you there?

little_slut_2007: yup

little_slut_2007: welcome back :D

SG: thx

SG: so baby, if i get you the implants next birthday, you will come be the new mommy?

little_slut_2007: yes i will daddy :D

little_slut_2007: it's only 1 month till my birthday now anyway :D

SG: i know sweetie, and now im getting even more excited for it than before

SG: you want to become a mommy right here?

SG: i reach in front of you and touch your cunny lips very softly

little_slut_2007: hee hee... right here in the changing rooms daddy?

SG: oh yeah baby, wouldn't it feel so good to put daddys naughty parts iniside you?

little_slut_2007: ok

SG: besides, i locked the door, no one will find us

SG: wont it be naughty to have sex in here baby?  we'll be very bad and dirty ;)

little_slut_2007: i know!

little_slut_2007: it's very exciting!

SG: i unzip my jeans, the bulge almost pops right out of the boxer hole

SG: would you like to get daddys penis out?

little_slut_2007: ok daddy..... wow it's really big and hard isn't it?

little_slut_2007: how long is that monster? i'm sure they're not all that big

SG: well im glad you think daddy's is big, its bout 9 inches long and believe me, it hasent been this hard in a very long time

SG: you turn daddy on even more than mommy does

little_slut_2007: great :D

little_slut_2007: is that because i'm so young?

SG: yes it is baby

SG: its alos because you are my daughter

SG: and it makes me very turned on to do something so naughty

SG: ;)

little_slut_2007: me too

little_slut_2007: i love doing this with my very own daddy

SG: i place your small hand on my hard cock and motion it up and down

SG: do any of your friends talk about having sex?

little_slut_2007: yeah they talk about it all the time, but i don't think any of them actually do it

little_slut_2007: a few girls talk about their daddies

SG: what do they talk about doing with their daddies?

little_slut_2007: nothing that they're doing

little_slut_2007: just they wish they could do it with their daddies

SG: well baby, you can do all kinds of things with me

SG: what would you like to do with daddy

little_slut_2007: well i want to make babies with you

little_slut_2007: that's the main thing :D

little_slut_2007: and be the mommy of the house

SG: well baby, come here and we'll put my hard monster in you and start making you a mommy

little_slut_2007: yay that sounds like fun

SG: i pull you over, lick my hand and rub your cunny

little_slut_2007: which position do you want to put it in me from?

little_slut_2007: mmmm... wow that feels so nice down ther

little_slut_2007: is it funny that i'm 12 already and there's no hair down there at all yet?

SG: well thats good, daddy likes your hairless cunny

SG: ill have you lay on your back on this bench and i will pull you u to me

SG: you can rest your legs on me shoulders

little_slut_2007: mmmm... that sounds like a fun position

little_slut_2007: lifting my legs right up

little_slut_2007: good thing i'm so flexible

SG: :D yes it is

SG: i slowly slide my cock inside your super tight, wet cunny

SG: does it hurt baby

little_slut_2007: a little bit daddy

little_slut_2007: i screw up my face, trying to hide the pain

SG: well it will feel good soon baby

SG: just relax and let it slide in slowly

SG: i continue to push

SG: slowly, but relentlessly

little_slut_2007: ok ... it's better now

little_slut_2007: you're slipping in further

little_slut_2007: i think you're about halfway now

little_slut_2007: OMG i can't believe i'm having sex!!!

little_slut_2007: and with my own daddy too!!!

SG: i know baby it feels so good to be putting it in my own baby girl

SG: this feels so great

SG: are you liking it baby?

little_slut_2007: yes daddy.... yes i love it!

little_slut_2007: fuck me harder daddy..... fuck your own daughter

SG: oh yeah baby, i cant believe i am fucking my daughter

SG: it feels so good

SG: we are going to make tons and tons of babies honey

little_slut_2007: mmmm.... oh i know we are

little_slut_2007: i want to stay pregnant forever

little_slut_2007: one baby after the next, after the next and so on

SG: do you want to have sex with our babies too?

SG: do you want to play with our boy babies, and daddy can play with the girl babies?

little_slut_2007: aboslutely!

little_slut_2007: hey i might want to play with the girl babies too :P

SG: oh definitely baby

SG: oh god...i think daddy is about to shoot his baby juice into our cunny

little_slut_2007: mmmmm... oh yes daddy

little_slut_2007: put twins or triplets in there!

SG: oh yeah baby!  Here comes daddy!

little_slut_2007: mmmmm.... squirt it all in me daddy

little_slut_2007: fill me up


SG: i shoot all my hot sticky cum into your cunny getting it all over the place

SG: oh shit!

SG: what a mess baby!

SG: oh still feels so good

SG: ooooooh!

little_slut_2007: mmmmm.... OMG it feels good

little_slut_2007: so nice and warm

SG: i finally come to a rest and slide my now partially limp cock out of you

SG: how did that feel baby

little_slut_2007: that was truly amazing daddy

little_slut_2007: i loved it!

little_slut_2007: is there a baby in my tummy now?

SG: oh yeah baby

SG: a baby just for us

SG: you ae going to be a good mommy

SG: and a good sex mommy

little_slut_2007: of course :D

little_slut_2007: we can teach our baby all about sex from a very young age

SG: well mommy, how young would you like to teach them

SG: we would not want them to miss out

little_slut_2007: start from birth i think :D

SG: oh yeah baby i think that sounds good

little_slut_2007: litte things at first, but slowly getting on to more and more

little_slut_2007: if it's a girl i wonder what age you'll fuck her properly first at

SG: what about 1 or 2?

little_slut_2007: sounds awesome

little_slut_2007: while she's still in diapers you can be fucking her balls deep :D

SG: oh yeah baby

SG: what about if its a boy?  what would mommy teach him?

little_slut_2007: teach him how to cum

little_slut_2007: and then how to fuck his mommy like a good boy

SG: how old does he need to be to get his tiny pee pee fucked?

little_slut_2007: as soon as he can get it nice and hard

SG: ooh good idea baby

little_slut_2007: of course

little_slut_2007: and i'll suck it every day

SG: good girl

SG: ;)

little_slut_2007: gotta look after my babies

SG: well and i gotta look after my baby

SG: and thats you

SG: well get you nice implants

SG: and get you all sexified

little_slut_2007: yup yup

little_slut_2007: what other fun things can we do to my body?

SG: what about putting my cock in your tiny butt?

little_slut_2007: mmmmm... oh yes i love that idea

little_slut_2007: stretching it wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide

SG: oh yeah

SG: that would make daddy feel very good

little_slut_2007: great

little_slut_2007: we can use all sorts of other thigns to stretch it wide too :D

little_slut_2007: that could be fun

SG: something nice and wide and long?

little_slut_2007: yup

little_slut_2007: VERY wide and long

SG: so what do you say we pay for these undies and daddy will take you to a private place

SG: we can do some...experiments

little_slut_2007: sure daddy

little_slut_2007: that sounds like fun

SG: we pay for our goods and leave the mall

SG: we head out of the city and pretty far into the country

SG: we find a small hotel ona back road

SG: i go in and come back with a key

SG: come on sweeties, lets go have some more fun

little_slut_2007: ok daddy

little_slut_2007: wow.... this is a long way from anywhere :D

SG: well we need to stay far away from mommy so she never knows

SG: do you want to stay with daddy?

little_slut_2007: yes daddy

little_slut_2007: you know that

little_slut_2007: that's why i'm getting my implants at 13 and not 16 :)

little_slut_2007: we should go see the plastic surgeon about them soon

SG: yes we should

little_slut_2007: :)

SG: we can even go tomorrow

SG: but right now, daddy needs your butt on his cock baby

little_slut_2007: ok daddy

little_slut_2007: will that hurt though?

SG: i have some of this

SG: i pull out a small bottle of lube from my back pocket

SG: i got some at the mall today

SG: i had naughty intentions all day aby

little_slut_2007: you're a good daddy :D

little_slut_2007: i take off my clothes and sit on the bed... on my knees in a crawling position

SG: i throw a bunch of lube on my cock and come towards you

SG: are you ready?

SG: i start to puch in very slowly

little_slut_2007: mmmm.....

little_slut_2007: oooohhh... that feels really funny daddy

SG: it will feel good soon

SG: i push very slowly, pulling out and sarting over every now and then

little_slut_2007: mmmm.... ohhhh..... i'm trying to relax daddy

SG: just breathe sweetie it will feel good soon

SG: i push it in jus past my head and work it back and forth

SG: is that good baby

little_slut_2007: yeah.... yeah that's good daddy

little_slut_2007: OMG that's good

SG: i push in a bit further

SG: oh baby it feels so good fuck your tigh butt

little_slut_2007: mmmmmmm.......... yeah go on

SG: do you want more of my cock?

little_slut_2007: yes daddy

little_slut_2007: i want all of it!

SG: ok baby

SG: i shove my cock as far in as i can

SG: oh god baby you are so tight

SG: your ass is so good, i mean your butt

little_slut_2007: mmmmmmm..... oh yeah.... that feels amazing

little_slut_2007: now fuck it daddy

little_slut_2007: fuck my little baby ass

SG: oh ill fuck your ass baby

SG: you naughty girl using that dirty language

SG: i spank you as i fuck you

SG: bad bad girl ;)

little_slut_2007: mmmmm... that's better daddy

little_slut_2007: harder harder

SG: i slap your ass, leaving a red mark

little_slut_2007: mmmmmmmmmmm.....

SG: i pump in and out of you

SG: oh fuck it ...i say

SG: come here and suck your ass off my cock

little_slut_2007: mmmmm... oh yeah daddy..... you gonna cum all over me?

SG: oh yeah baby

SG: suck my cum out of me

little_slut_2007: mmmmm...... i suck as hard as i can. taking you deeply in my throat

SG: oh god baby

SG: make me cum

little_slut_2007: mmm....

SG: oh here i cum

SG: ooooooooh!

little_slut_2007: mmmmmmmmmmm.... :d

SG: oh i gtg!

SG: ill ttyl

little_slut_2007: cya

Preggy Cindy

TM: i brought your uncle joey, uncle daniel, your grandpa joe, and my black friends jojo and buddy over

Babyslut: i can't move anymore.... i just lie there on the couch barely able to see over my giant breasts and belly

TM: those are

TM: *we all walk in

TM: all: hey cindy

TM: how's my baby girl

Babyslut: i'm great daddy

TM: uncle joey: looks like you've swallowed a whale

TM: uncle danny: that's cause her belly IS a whale

TM: be nice brothers

Babyslut: yeah.... i got 4 babies inside me

TM: grandpa joe: only 4? *we walk towards you, sitting on the couch*

TM: joe: looks like you got the whole football team in there

TM: *starts rubbing your huge belly

Babyslut: yeah well i'm pretty small myself so it looks bigger

TM: joe: im sure

TM: are they kicking lots

TM: *me, your two uncles, and your grandpa rub ur huge belly all over

TM: are they kicking lots cindy

TM: daniel: your tits got HUGE

Babyslut: sorry i'm back now

Babyslut: yeah they are kicking lots

Babyslut: bit sore sometimes

TM: (its okay)

Babyslut: and yeah.... i can't believe how big my breasts are

TM: daniel: are they producing milk

TM: *joe and uncle joey squeeze ur boobs

Babyslut: milk squirts out

Babyslut: yeah they are.....

Babyslut: ow they're sore

TM: joey: sorry about that

TM: joey: let me help

TM: *uncle joey starts sucking on your fat nipples

Babyslut: ok

Babyslut: mmmm.... that's better

Babyslut: they get so full and swollen

TM: joey: mmmhmmmm *continues while he rubs ur belly

Babyslut: that feels nice uncle joey

TM: *daniel sucks your other nip

TM: joey: im glad.

TM: *grandpa joe uses both hands to caress your blimp, then sucks on your bellybutton

Babyslut: grandpa!

Babyslut: that tickle

Babyslut: s

Babyslut: my belly button has popped out so far

TM: how do those feel now princess

TM: your grandpa knows what you like

Babyslut: much better

TM: *kisses you

TM: *french kisses

Babyslut: mmmmmmmmm....... i feel so squashed by all these babies

Babyslut: how come i ended up with so many inside me daddy?

TM: well dear cindy, the men in our family have at least 3 times as much cum as an average person

TM: and the girls in the family breed at young ages

TM: *pulls joey off ur boob and starts sucking

TM: joey: thats right darling

Babyslut: oh... i guess that explains a lot then!

TM: joey: this will be the first of many pregnancies for you

TM: *daniel pauses* daniel: sure does

Babyslut: i figured as much

Babyslut: how many babies has mommy had?

TM: grandpa joe: she was pregnant with daniel, joey, and tim(me) at 12

TM: grandpa: thats who we kept. the rest of her pregnancies we sold the kids off to couples who couldnt have children

TM: grandpa: i think she had triplets at 13 and 14 again

Babyslut: wow... so how many kids has she had in total do you know?

Babyslut: wow

TM: grandpa: at least 30

TM: i had you by her too

Babyslut: she's still quite young too

TM: i know

TM: only 33

TM: *we all start rubbing your gigantic belly at the same time

TM: *our cocks grow huge because of this

TM: *stands up

TM: is my darling princess hungry

TM: *strokes your hair

Babyslut: what are you guys doing?

Babyslut: yeah... i'm a bit hungry?

TM: *we back up to the couch on the other side of the wall

TM: daniel: you're going to have to walk over here in order to have what we'll feed you

Babyslut: but i can't walk......

Babyslut: someone will need to help me get up

TM: *grandpa gets up, walks to you, lifts you on your feet withh incredible ease

TM: *grandpa joe: here you go baby beachball

Babyslut: i almost overbalance straight away, there's so much weight pulling me forwards

Babyslut: i lean backwards and topple over backwards

Babyslut: can we try again grandpa?

TM: *grandpa catches you

TM: grandpa: just lean back and ill hold you

Babyslut: this isn't funny uncle danny  you try walking with a 98 inch belly

TM: you can do it jenny

TM: danny: thats okay

Babyslut: i put my hands on my back to balance myself

TM: *grandpa waddles you over to the couch

Babyslut: then slowly step fowards

TM: joey: you're doing it

Babyslut: my legs are so far apart and bow-legged as the babies are lying in a way that makes it impossible for me to bring my legs together

TM: danny: god, she's huge

TM: daniel:  how cute

TM: just a few more steps

Babyslut: i waddle across, slowly and very carefully trying to keep my balance

Babyslut: almost there

TM: yeah

TM: *joey, daniel, and i pull out our huge cocks

Babyslut: my eyes light up with a big smile

Babyslut: i know what i like

TM: *grandpa waddles you more

TM: couple more steps

TM: *grandpa joe smacks your hugely round buttcheek

Babyslut: grandpa!

TM: grandpa: move hugie

Babyslut: i wish i still had a little bottom like i used to

Babyslut: where are we going now grandpa?

TM: didnt your daddy say just a couple more steps

TM: *grandpaidnt your daddy say just a couple more steps

TM: *grandpa: didnt your daddy say just a couple more steps

Babyslut: ok then.... i waddle forward a bit more

TM: yes i did

TM: you reached my cock!

TM: *stands up over you, my cock touches your face

Babyslut: i thought i would end up here

TM: *joey, grandpa and daniel surround you*

TM: joey: only a special girl can get that priviledge

Babyslut: yeah i know

TM: its time for you to eat up

TM: *daniel strokes his manhood infront of ur little face

Babyslut: i open my mouth wide

TM: *kneels down* its alright princess

TM: *daniel fits his cock in your mouth

TM: daniel: oh yeah

Babyslut: mmmmm....

TM: joey: stroke us all while you have that big thing in your mouth

Babyslut: i reach out and grasp a bit cock with each hand, while at the same time bobbing my head up and down on daniel's

TM: mmmmmmmm yeah

TM: grandpa: i wonder how wide her mouth is *he gapes your mouth wide and fits his monster inside*

TM: all: woooahhhooooahhh

Babyslut: i gag a bit, with so much cock in my throat and mouth

TM: *both pull out

TM: jerk us all now

Babyslut: i start jerking, slowly at first and then faster and faster

TM: *our cocks grow longer and fatter with each stroke

TM: joey: oh my.

TM: *joey jerks fast

TM: joey: im gonna blow. open wide sweetheart

Babyslut: i open up my mouth

Babyslut: in anticipation

TM: (joey shoots cum like a firehose

TM: *cum splatters all over your face, mouth, boobs and belly

Babyslut: mmmmm...... i smile a big toothy grin

Babyslut: loving all his juice on me

TM: *grandpa forces his 13 incher in your mouth, shoots all 1 gallon down your throat

TM: *watches your belly grow with grandpas cum in you

Babyslut: wow.... a gallon of cum

Babyslut: no wonder my belly swells

TM: *daniel lays down* i want to take her other holes

TM: *joey and i sit you on daniels rock hard member

TM: *he guides it in your anus

TM: *daniel bounces you on him

TM: yea jenny

TM: *daniel thrusts fast in your arse

Babyslut: easy daniel.... that hole is a bit sensitive

Babyslut: i only started taking it up there a few weeks ago

TM: daniel: okay. ill be gentle

Babyslut: wow i can't believe i'm taking so much up there

Babyslut: he must be past my belly button

TM: *the rest of us surround you as we kneel and rub and/or kiss your belly

TM: *strokes my cock gently

Babyslut: mmmmmmmmm... that's better

TM: *teases your pussy lips with the head of my shaft

TM: *daniel stops bouncing, waiting for the moment to come

Babyslut: mmmm... push further daniel

Babyslut: how many inches are inside me now

TM: daniel: double penetration time?

TM: DP it is my triplet brother

TM: daniel; *checking* about 9 1/2 inches

Babyslut: can you go further?

TM: *forces 10 inches in your pussy

TM: *daniel fits 11 inches in your ass

TM: *daniel and i DP you hard

Babyslut: mmmmm.....

TM: *wraps my arms around your belly and looks at you while i fuck

Babyslut: ohhhh.... daddy

TM: *both of us thrust in and out simulateously

TM: *joey and grandpa stand above you, teasing ur face with their cocks

TM: joey: still hungry, jen jen

Babyslut: starving

TM: *joey and grandpa jerk infront of your mouth

Babyslut: mmmm.....

TM: *i start sucking your bellybutton

TM: *daniel squeezes ur nips

TM: *grandpa shoots his massive load at your mouth

Babyslut: i struggle to swallow it

Babyslut: the sensations are becoming overwhelming

TM: *daniel starts cumming

TM: *i cum right after

TM: *filling your belly up even larger

Babyslut: mmm..... i feel like i'm gonna pop!

TM: *pulls out of your pussy, daniel gets out ur ass

TM: *we kneel down, jerking infront of your belly

Babyslut: mmmmm.....

TM: *we all cover your belly

TM: mmmmmm

TM: *my friends jojo and buddy stop by

Babyslut: mmmm.... wow my belly is all white and sticky

Babyslut: you guys have made a big mess

TM: *we rub it all in

TM: jojo: we was told that some white girl is in dire need of some black cocks inside her

TM: oh hey jjojo and buddy

Babyslut: who are these guys daddy?

TM: *buddy gets right to work ravaging your pussy

TM: *jojo follows soot, double fucking your pussy

Babyslut: wow 2 black cocks in my pussy?

TM: yes

Babyslut: is that even possible

TM: buddy: yea it is, bitch. now take it like a fat pregnant slut

Babyslut: i lie back. feeling amazing stretched

Babyslut: they're 2 fat cocks as well

TM: *jojo pulls ouu

TM: jojo: lets fuck this ho doggystyle

TM: *buddy gets on the floor, with you still inside him, laying on him(facing him)

Babyslut: my belly is squashing him

TM: *jojo fucks your asshole, both of them DP you

TM: *i force my cock in your mouth

TM: *we all thrust hard and fast

Babyslut: i start to really feel it now, such a big cock up my ass and in my cunt

Babyslut: never had them this big before

TM: two 16 inch cocks inside

TM: *forces you

TM: *we shove all of our cocks inside

Babyslut: holy hell, the one in my pussy must be up in my womb with the babies

TM: *buddy explodes inside

Babyslut: too much cum and it squirts out the sides... all over everything

TM: *jojo and buddy lay you on your side

TM: *i fit my cock in your pussy

Babyslut: mmmm......

TM: *grandpa kneels down fitting himself in your mouth

TM: joey and daniel: what the fuck are you guys doing

Babyslut: mmmmmm...... i am starting to tire from all this fucking, but at least everyone is goign slower now

TM: jojo: what do you think


Babyslut: triple double?

TM: jojo, buddy, and i: oh yeah!

TM: you get to suck two cocks, while getting two cocks in your pussy

TM: and two cocks in your ass

TM: buddy: all at the same time

Babyslut: so 6 cocks inside me at once

TM: yes!

Babyslut: surely that's impossible buddy?

TM: well make it possible

TM: *daniel lays on his back, opening your stuffed mouth with his monster

Babyslut: i will try

TM: *grandpa holds your head

Babyslut: i just don't know where everyone's going to lie!

TM: *jojo, buddy, joey, and i eat your pussy/ass out

TM: grandpa: well, darling. you're lying on your side

TM: you got mine and daniels cocks in ur mouth

Babyslut: yup

TM: the other boys are licking your pussy and assholes

Babyslut: i know...  damn it feels good

Babyslut: 4 tongues

TM: daniel: lick harder you guys

Babyslut: mmmmmmmmmmm..................

TM: *we all lick harder, going inside ur openings

TM: make her cum

TM: *grandpa rubs ur blimp

TM: (which is now 108 inches)

Babyslut: do these guys know how girls in this family cum daddy?

TM: grandpa: you gonna cum sweetheart

Babyslut: ooohhhh...... i can feel it

TM: grandpa: no.

TM: grandpa: finger fuck her now

TM: *we all comply, using 4 fingers each

TM: *going in and out of your pussy and asshole

TM: *fingerring faster

Babyslut: yeah stretch my ass

Babyslut: fist it damnit!!!!

Babyslut: make it prolapse!

Babyslut: i can only cum when my ass is totally prolapsed!

TM: *we fist

TM: *buddy and joey stick their fists inside your asshole

Babyslut: mmmm.... oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Babyslut: i start cumming

Babyslut: squirting like crazy

TM: *jojo and buddy: holy shit girl

TM: *we all lick up your cum

TM: *lays on my side, fitting my cock in your pussy, holding your belly

Babyslut: yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Babyslut: belly going down a bit as i keep cumming

TM: *jojo plugs your pussy up as he forces himself in your pusssy

TM: oh yeah

TM: jojo: how you like that bitch

Babyslut: holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

Babyslut: i'm swelling again!

TM: *buddy wraps his legs around you, fitting himself in your anus

TM: ya hurting sweetheart

TM: buddy: sounds like she about to scream

TM: *buddy pulls out

Babyslut: fuck be careful man or i'll pop!

Babyslut: when i cum, i CUM

TM: *he teases, you ready to have another inside uoi

TM: *buddy smacks your round, basketball sized ass

TM: you answer his question

TM: *grandpa and daniel pull their cocks out ur mouth

TM: *buddy rams his cock in your ass

Babyslut: ow... man be careful

Babyslut: far out i think my ass has got even bigger!

TM: *daniel and grandpa force their cocks back in ur mouth

Babyslut: i gurgle as i take both big cocks

TM: *joey kneels down fits his huge member in uranus, all 6 of us plug you up, nothing coming out

TM: *we all thrust ourselves in your holes

Babyslut: holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

Babyslut: i'm cumming again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TM: *looks down

TM: looks like nothings coming out

Babyslut: daddy look at my belly!

Babyslut: its..... its....... swelling!

Then yahoo messenger died for a while, and I had to go... could continue in the future though!

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Roleplay with B

B: are you there jenny?
Babyslut: yup
Babyslut: are you there????????
B: hi
B: we played before, i had a different yahoo name
Babyslut: what did we play about?
B: how you really did want to have daddys babies, so you could give them to my cock, younger and younger each time
Babyslut: mmmmm...... awesome
Babyslut: younger and younger with each generation
Babyslut: how young did we get?
B: i think we only got to about 8 before i stopped because i begining to want it for real so much
Babyslut: lol.... ah well.. there's always value in a good roleplay though
B: you said you would help daddy to need our little girls so much that i wouldnt be able to stop myself
Babyslut: hee hee.... that would be a fun thing to do wouldn't it
Babyslut: help make my girls so sexy daddy couldn't resist them
B: yes
Babyslut: how many baby girls have you made me have so far daddy?
B: 3..... 9 7 5
Babyslut: mmmmm..... they're at such a cute age too
Babyslut: i dress them up in sexy clothes for you.... short little skirts and low cut tops
Babyslut: showing off their developing bodies
B: would you really jenny?
Babyslut: of course daddy
Babyslut: do you like how little 5 year old madison is dressed?
Babyslut: her dress is really short
Babyslut: and she's not wearing any panties today
B: yes jenny she reminds me of you
Babyslut: thanks daddy
B: [don't let me stop jenny, i can feel the need coming back, make me want her for real, please, ]
Babyslut: look at her cute little 5 year old body
Babyslut: her breasts haven't even started developing yet
Babyslut: babyfat on her cute little legs
B: so tiny
B: so innocent
B: so helpless
Babyslut: i know...... but you know the best thing daddy
Babyslut: i've been feeding her animal strength fertility pills for the last month
B: oh god
Babyslut: that's why her hips have widened a little
Babyslut: it's time for her to have her final dose, this dose is so big it comes as a liquid
B: youre preparing her for me........ do she know
Babyslut: nope, she thinks they're just vitamins
Babyslut: i'll need your help to get her to drink the final dose
Babyslut: it's an enormous amount of liquid.... almost a gallon she needs to take
Babyslut: i'm not sure if she'll be able to drink it all without our help
B: start giving it to her
Babyslut: yup... i'll just go get it from the rridge, you sit her down at the table
Babyslut: she might need some "persuasion" to finish it off
B: yes
Babyslut: after she drinks this apparently the effects all take place very quickly
B: oh god a fertile 5 yo
Babyslut: yup yup
Babyslut: that's why the pills have to be animal strength
Babyslut: although some side effects including breast growth and a higher chance of getting pregnant with higher-order multiples exists
B: mmmm
Babyslut: i think those are pretty cool side-effects though
Babyslut: quick sit her down at the table the drink it ready for her
B: you know i cant stop from fucking a fertile womb
Babyslut: i think it will be able 10 glasses worth
B: come here madison, mommy and daddy have sometihng for you
Babyslut: she trots over, seems to be waddling a bit more these days
Babyslut: it must be her widened hips
Babyslut: we need you to drink all of this drink
Babyslut: don't worry it tastes nice
B: all of it
Babyslut: yup you'll need to drink the whole thing maddy
Babyslut: i know there's a lot
Babyslut: you can take it slowly
Babyslut: daddy and i will help make sure you drink every last drop
B: puts my hands on her widening hips and says I know you cant take it all, youre a big girl arent you
Babyslut: she looks around, a bit worried about what's going to happen
Babyslut: i hand her the first glass... drink up little girl!
B: hurry you have a lot to drink
Babyslut: she drinks down the first one... easily enough
Babyslut: "that tasted quite nice daddy"
B: keep drinking
Babyslut: she takes the next one
Babyslut: drinks it a little slower, but easily enough
Babyslut: then a third, then a fourth
Babyslut: she's almost haflway now
Babyslut: "daddy.... i feel quite full now"
B: no no you arent full yet
B: but if you dont drink them all i promise you will be fuller then you ever have been
Babyslut: she looks a bit puzzled about your meaning, but starts drinking the 5th one
Babyslut: more slowly
Babyslut: sipping at it
Babyslut: we can hear the liquid sloshing away inside her
B: faster
B: i tip the glass up so she drinks more
Babyslut: she chokes for a second, but swallows OK
Babyslut: now she's just over halfway there
Babyslut: she tries shaking her head at the 6th one, not wanting it
Babyslut: feeling amazingly bloated
B: i put the glass to her lips and make her drink
Babyslut: soon the 6th one and the 7th are gone
Babyslut: only 3 more to go
Babyslut: her belly is bulging slightly
B: [hurry daddy isnt gona last 10 glasses at this rate ]
Babyslut: we'll need to force the last 3 into her
Babyslut: we just tip the 8th and 9th one in her, forcing her to open her mouth by holding her nose
Babyslut: and then... finally the 10th one....
Babyslut: he belly is bulging heaps by now
B: i have an idea, i pick her up and sit down with here so i can hold her for the last one
Babyslut: mmmmm.... she's putting up a fight against the last one that's for sure
B: my hands rubing her swollen bellly
B: spilled it all over herself
B: you will have to get another glass
B: and ill take off her wet clothes
Babyslut: ok
Babyslut: i go get another glass
Babyslut: how about we make it 2 more as punishment
B: good idea
Babyslut: i bring back 2 large glasses
Babyslut: its amazing how swollen her belly is
B: yes
B: soon it will be soo much larger
Babyslut: hopefully
Babyslut: she looks so cute
Babyslut: come on daddy get those last 2 glasses in her
B: struggling
B: she spills half the glass in my lap
Babyslut: she's being very naughty with these last glasses
B: yes, let me get out of my wet pants and then we can finish stuffing her
Babyslut: sure thing daddy
B: i sit back down naked, putting her in my lap, her widened hips straddling my swollen cock
Babyslut: her hips seem to be getting wider don't you think daddy?
Babyslut: like growing... at the moment!
Babyslut: must be the drink!
B: yes
B: drink the last glass madison, you need it to make you ready for daddy
Babyslut: there's a good girl, she's finally drinking it
B: [would you like to listen to daddy?]
Babyslut: [no soundcard on this computer sorry]
B: no speakers at all?
Babyslut: [nope sorry]
B: [oh well]
B: i think shes ready
Babyslut: mmmm.... wow look at her belly
Babyslut: i am amazed she managed to drink it all
B: [how does it make you feel jenny, knowing that daddy would do anything to make what is about to happen........ really happen]
Babyslut: [pretty excited really ]
Babyslut: look at madison daddy... her body is changing!
Babyslut: he chest is swelling!
B: [it excites you, that i want my 5 yo daughter, that i want to fill her with seed....... ]
B: i think its time to make her swell even more
Babyslut: [of course ]
Babyslut: mmmm.. .what areyou gonna do to our little girl daddy?
Babyslut: [i have to get going now... but let's finish this later]
B: no
B: no
B: please
Babyslut: [ok a litte longer... but i have to go do stuff]
B: [i need this to happen...... i need to take her........ please i want this so much.......... make it real for daddy, so daddy has to do it]
B: daddy is going to make her really stuffed and youre going to help
Babyslut: doesn't she look pretty now
Babyslut: her swelling breasts and her amazingly wide hips
B: i lift her up
Babyslut: her belly is still swollen from all the liquid
B: place her on my cock jenny
Babyslut: i need you to fuck her daddy
Babyslut: i spread her little legs
Babyslut: she's scared, but the drink has also drugged her enough to stop her from struggling
B: are you ready to give her to me jenny
Babyslut: yes daddy yess
Babyslut: her legs and spread so wide
Babyslut: i've lifted her legs onto your shoulders
B: [im imagining its my daughter and not madison that you are placing on my cock]
Babyslut: look at her cute little 5 year old body daddy
Babyslut: isn't she cute?
B: im ready to take her, i want you to start pushing and not to stop till im all the way inside her
Babyslut: you want to fill her up with your babyjuice
B: i do
B: i really do
B: i want to fill my little girl with my seed
Babyslut: good daddy
B: i feel her, wet and hot against the head of my cock
Babyslut: mmmm... that's good... the juice made her all wet and easy to slide into
B: [god i wish my girl really was on my cock......... thats where she should be , like a good little girl shouldnt she jenny]
B: start pushing her down, give her to me jenny give my daughters body to me
Babyslut: mmm.... you're slipping in her daddy
Babyslut: push harder though
Babyslut: i'm spreading her for you
B: so tight
B: harder
B: she will struggle when i take her, ill have to force her
Babyslut: i dont' care if you hurt her daddy
Babyslut: i want you to fuck her balls deep
Babyslut: fuck the little 5 year old
B: rape her
Babyslut: you'll have to
B: just like i should rape my daughter
Babyslut: absolutely
Babyslut: how old's your daughter?
B: 8
Babyslut: mmm... imagine how much tighter she'd been when she was 5
B: yes, but she will still be good and tight for me
Babyslut: oh yes of course
B: so tight i have to rape her to fuck her
Babyslut: that's right
Babyslut: just like lil 5 year old madison
B: they desreve this
Babyslut: yup yup
Babyslut: i want you to fuck little madison like you want to hurt her
B: just as if she was my little sasha..... just like im going to fuck her
Babyslut: yesssss
B: i put her on the flood, legs spread wide
Babyslut: yes daddy.... do it to her
Babyslut: fuck her brutally
B: i want to
B: i want to really
B: i want you sasha ......daddy needs this......... i start pressing down
Babyslut: mmmm..... oh yes.... rip her open for you
Babyslut: your little sasha,,,, 5 year old sasha
B: yes
Babyslut: go as deep as you can daddy
B: make me , make me rape her
B: so i can
B: pressing
Babyslut: i pull her legs wider.... and push her onto you
Babyslut: forcing her deeper
B: my little sasha
B: my fertile little girl
B: i want this
B: i need this
Babyslut: oh yes.... feel her swollen fertile belly
B: yes
Babyslut: think of all the babies you're going to force her to carry for you
Babyslut: lots of little girls for future sex toys
B: yes
B: yes
B: im thrusting
B: as hard as i can
B: im slamming into her
B: im raping her
B: im raping sasha
B: so tight
B: so tight
B: jenny
B: ?
Babyslut: yes i'm here
Babyslut: sorry had a phone call
Babyslut: mmmm... come on daddy fuck your little sasha
Babyslut: fuck her harder
Babyslut: i want to see her bleed
B: yes
B: its hurting her
Babyslut: i want you to go through her cervix and fuck her womb directly
Babyslut: good... hurt her MORE
B: i am
B: i will
B: i want to
Babyslut: damage the little slut, split her open
B: my cock up in her womb
Babyslut: come on i want to see more blood from her, she's only 5 years old there should be blood everywhere!
Babyslut: come on daddy...... fuck your little 5 year old sasha

[And then he disappeared]. How come i scare them all off?

A Bit of a Gap

Hi there all my long-suffering readers. I know it's been a long time since my last update. I forgot my password for this site and only recently remembered it - talk about a blonde!

Anyway, I've been having some great roleplays over the last while, and hopefully over the next while I'll be able to post a few more of them on here!

Friday, 16 March 2007


So I like to roleplay. Sometimes I get pretty "into it" with things and can get a little carried away if I may say so myself. Some of my interests are a little unusual as you might see. I will try to justify things in the future.

J: come play with daddys toy
J: i know how much you enjoy playing with daddys big toy think its a lollipop dont you my lil baby
Babyslut: mmmm... oh yes i do daddy
Babyslut: i love playing with it
J: i know how hard my lil baby plays with it to get to the cream in her daddys lollipop dont you honey
Babyslut: oh yes... i love the cream that comes out of your lollipop daddy
Babyslut: i especially love it when you stick your big lollipop deep inside me
J: i come and lay in my babys lil bed ..with my big toy bulging in my underwear ..ohhh yess i love putting my big throbbing thick lollipop into my baby .till my lil baby squeals in please
Babyslut: mmmm... oh yeah i'm such a little baby for you to play with
Babyslut: i love that you enjoy how little and tiny i am
J: ohhh yes my lil baby .you are daddys lil toddler ..daddys precious baby honey
Babyslut: oh yes.... that i am
Babyslut: i love how you play with my tiny little body
Babyslut: knowing that it's yours
J: yesssssssss my lil baby are all mine ..daddys lil sweet darling
Babyslut: mmmm... so what are you going to do with my little body daddy?
J: i am going to kiss it ...suck in places and lick it all over and then push my babys big toy into you honey
Babyslut: your big toy? are you sure it's going to be able to fit inside me?
Babyslut: it looks really big
J: well daddys gonna try honey ... dont you want daddys creammy filled lollipop baby ... i know my baby does and she loves the look in daddys face when it gets soo red horsey horsey your fav game honey
Babyslut: oh yes i want it inside me
Babyslut: i just don't know how it will fit
Babyslut: it's so big... OMG it just keeps getting bigger and bigger as well
Babyslut: it's thicker than my arm daddy
J: ohhhh daddddy knows it wont fit in my baby girl .... daddy just knows how much to push in to not hurt my lil baby ...i know how my lil baby in her naughty pigtails loves to bounce up and down o daddys big lollipop ..ur little pig tails against my face
Babyslut: that's Ok daddy.... i want you to push it in, even if you have to hurt me
J: how does my lil baby like to be when daddy will push his big lil baby lollipop into her bare young hot tight small girl pussy
Babyslut: on my back... with my legs up over your shoulders
Babyslut: if they're long enough to reach
Babyslut: like i'm folded in half
J: ohhhh your legs are soo tiny honey...but daddy still tries to pusy your legs over his shoulders while he fucks his tiny lil precious baby
Babyslut: oh yes daddy... fuck your little baby girl
J: fucking my lil baby girl ..climbing on top of my lil baby girl but being careful that i dont bring myself upon my lil baby i hold myself up with my hands pushing my body up as i ram my big hard cock in and out of you
Babyslut: ooohhh... ohhhh.... OMG it's so biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig
J: i know honey..dont you love it baby ...pushing more of my big hard cock into oyu soo you squeal loudly in pain and pleasure
Babyslut: ooowwww....... ow it's sore... but damn it's good ddaddy
Babyslut: come on fuck your little toddler daughter like you mean it
Babyslut: i know you wanna truly fuck me hard daddy... fuck me so hard you really hurt me

And then he disappeared. What a sad one!

In the Beginning

How do you start a blog? I guess that's a good question. Should I just get straight into things or do I need to start with introductions? I suppose that there's always the feeling this could be just another one of those one-post-wonders. Perhaps that might happen, but I could be smart and make life easy for myself.


In any case. I suppose a frew introductions are necessary. I live in Auckland, New Zealand - a long way away from anywhere really I suppose although here it doesn't usually feel that way. We do have colour TV and the internet here in New Zealand, believe it or not. And there aren't actually that many sheep in the country. I don't think that I will want to go into too much specific stuff, especially considering the nature of this blog.

Anyway, what I plan to do in this blog is generally re-tell a few of the roleplays and hot cyber-sex sessions that I find myself having on the net surprisingly frequently. Hopefully it will be of some interest not just for me, but also for a few other people over time.